I knew about this small chain as being mostly concentrated in the midwest.  Imagine my surprise then when I happened to drive by one right here in Arizona!  While Culver's is known for their Frozen Custard and ButterBurgers, I skipped dessert and just gave the Original ButterBurger with Cheese a try.

The burger was flavorful, with a flame-grilled patty that tasted like something you'd grill yourself during the Fourth of July.  Fresh toppings, a decent bun.  I liked it.

I decided to bypass the fries, even though they were crinkle, and give the onion rings a try.  These were crisp and delicious.  They are thin "beer batter" style and there were plenty in the bag to share.

Mrs. Fast Food Source tried the tuna sandwich.  I am not a fish lover, but she said it was good.  She liked the Texas Toast style bread and shredded lettuce.

Warning: Culver's menu is not that complicated, but the ways in which you can place an order are.  You can order individual sandwiches, make your own value basket, or order a smaller SnackPak meal.  This makes for more menu-staring for the uninitiated.  Come prepared by viewing the menu here first.

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