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This week, Del Taco kicks off it's 50th anniversary celebration.  Here are some fun "Did you know?" fast food facts:

  • The founder, Ed Hackbarth, still owns and operates three Del Taco's in Barstow?  He still works there too!
  • Del Taco cranks out over half a million tacos every day
  • Americans eat 6 billion tacos each hour (I can't believe that one!)
  • The original taco at Del Taco was 19 cents
  • Founders Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson partnered with Dick Naugle in 1966 to form Red-E-Food Systems with the idea of franchising the brand, but it wasn't until 1988 that Del Taco and Naugles merged, creating the second largest quick-serve Mexican chain in the U.S.
  • The recently-retired reg, green and yellow logo prior to this one had been around since 1992
  • Del Taco opened its 500th restaurant in 2008 and currently has 546 stores in 17 states as far east as Florida
  • The Del Cheeseburger and crinkle fries have been around since the beginning

The cavalcade of trivia came in another of Del Taco's famous promotional red boxes.  To find out what was in this one, keep reading!

 del taco 50th anniversary

del taco 50th anniversary

del taco 50th anniversary

del taco 50th anniversary

They also sent me some coupons good for free food, which I am willing to share.  Want one of the coupons above?  The first three people who contact me get their pick.  Just put "I want my free Del Taco" in the subject and tell me which fast food coupon shown above you want.  Give me a second choice too just in case yours has been given away.  I'll take the first three people - the other coupons go to my "research" fund for starving fast food fans.  Sorry in advance if they're gone by the time you send in your request.  Hey, it's not a contest - I'm just sharing!

And go to Del Taco to celebrate yourself.  It's not expensive and it tastes great. 

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