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Through all my fast food dining, I didn't eat here, but was passing by and decided to give Subway a little love by grabbing a couple shots of their menu. I would think it is difficult for Subway to compete here, considering there is some sort of sandwich shop virtually everywhere you turn. In fact, this location inside the main railway station downtown was the only Subway I came across in all of Geneva.

subway geneva menu

subway geneva menu

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Here is the latest visit to Burger King in Geneva. I reviewed this same fast food location in June 2013. It is interesting how the prices have stayed relatively flat. Below you'll see that a Big King is CH13.90 and a Whopper is CH14.90. A year and a half ago, they were the same price.

burger king geneva menu

On this trip I attempted to revisit an old friend, the spectacular Steakhouse Burger that I had in Barcelona also in 2013. Back then, the burger was so picturesque that it graces the header of the Fast Food Source website. So, did the same burger in Geneva measure up to that high standard? Sadly, not even close. For the review, keep reading...

Here are some pics of the menu of the Burger King in downtown Geneva, taken from the ordering kiosk, which turned out to be a super handy way to capture the information in a clear and organized fashion. Note that "Non disponible" means not available. The Swiss apparently like to tease.

mcdonalds geneva menu

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I started reading the rules to a new contest at McDonald's before watching the above video and My thought was "Wait... What?" From February 2-14 (Valentine's day) 2015 it seems McDonald's will have a designated "Lovin' Lead" who gets to select a person who walks through a specific door at a "random, predetermined time". After placing an order, this guest will then be informed that their payment can be made in some sort of gesture of love. It could be anything from a fist bump to saying what you like about someone. 

This is a crazily creative social experiment. Kudos to the person at McDonald's who was able to convince the rest of a company this big to go along with this. 

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