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In our continuing effort to bring back relevant and current menus, here is the mother of all menus, a recent capture at McDonald's.  Enjoy!

carls jr logo

Admittedly, when I go to visit my friend the Happy Star, I often choose from one of three staples:  The Western Bacon Cheeseburger, the Famous Star, or the best dang chicken sandwich - the Charbroiled Chicken Club.  But there is another silent classic trudging along, standing the test of time while other specialty gimmick burgers come and go.  The Six Dollar Burger, named in the mid '90's as the same burger you'd pay $6 for at a sit down restaurant (now I guess $12 would be more apt), is the big patty brother.

carls six dollar burger

carls six dollar burger

It's hard to see how hearty this sandwich is.  And this is the original, not one of the fancy variants with all the crazy toppings.  Just pure, simple burger enjoyment.

Check out the nice new look to our recently-remodeled neighborhood Burger King.  Very classy brick and wood trim everywhere.  Digital flat panel menu boards.  Those everything Coke dispensers made popular at Five Guys.  Nice.

Very clean.  Fresh looking.  The brown, black and silver accents are nice complements to the standard fast food reds.  I also like the flame circle BK logo.  Perhaps all of their outdoor signage could be upgraded to this look as well?

On a recent trip to NYC, I took the subway out to Coney Island to get a ride on the Cyclone.  Sadly, it was closed.  Fortunately, Nathan's was open on the boardwalk.  Now, this is not the original Nathan's, which is actually around the corner just off the street, but this one is fun and has that beachy vibe.

nathans coney island

And check out this so-delicious-it-must-be-good-for-you chili cheese dog and fries combo:

nathans coney island chili cheese dog

It was good, but some of the fries were a bit too soggy.

del taco logo

In a somewhat puzzling move, Del Taco has rolled out what they are calling a "New Buck & Under" menu.  The email I received included this ad with what appear to be all the usual items that are already less than a dollar on their menu:

del taco buck and under menu

Upon closer inspection, there are some new items which I can only describe as smaller portions of regular items.  For 50 cents you can choose between the Mini Cheddar Quesadilla (a shrunken version of their existing cheese quesadilla), a Value Bean & Cheese Burrito (which I think was the kid's burrito before) and a Regular Taco (which is actually a price increase from 49 cents.)

For 75 cents, you can slap bacon on that Mini Quesadilla, try the Jacked Up Value Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito (Jack cheese), or a Chipotle Beef Taco.

Rounding out the menu, a buck gets you nothing specific.  Instead, they say "starting at $1" (sneaky!) and the listed choices are a Grilled Chicken Taco (up from 99 cents), a 1/2 LB Bean and Cheese Burrito (also up from 99 cents), a Double Beef Classic Burrito (I think this was also 99 cents and was previously just called the classic, if I recall correctly). or a couple of beverages:  The Real Strawberry Lemonade or a 30oz Iced Tea.

All in all, nothing to get excited about.  We always counted on Del Taco to have a good selection of items for under a dollar.  I do feel a bit deceived by the subtle 1-cent markup on some of my favorites like the chicken soft taco and the basic taco.  But if these are the prices we will live with this year despite the impact of last year's drought then I am happy.

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