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On a rainy afternoon in June I tried Mighty Taco, Buffalo's local fast food Mexican outfit.  They have a pretty decent selection of basic Mexican offerings.  Their gimmick is tacos built any number of ways.  I tried both the beef and chicken versions to give them a solid test drive.

mighty taco

First up is the chicken version and the initial surprise is that the chicken is ground, not shredded.  Interesting texture but packed well into the soft taco shell as you can see below:

mighty taco

I didn't get fancy with the fixin's on my first outing, as I wanted to try what a Mighty Purist may order.  But as you can see from the wrapper, there are a number of customizations that can be performed on the tacos.  Note, they also use the same wrappers for the burritos.  Here's a closer look:

mighty taco

Overall, the chicken taco was pretty dull.  Even with the hot sauce, I wasn't thinking this was something I'd learn to crave.  So I unwrapped the beef version and gave that one a go.

mighty taco

These are basic tacos, probably a little less flavorful than the similarly-sized offerings from Taco Bell and Del Taco.  I found the ground beef to be a bit tastier than the chicken, but still not something I would crave.  You are given a choice of three different taco shells, "white" (beef above), wheat (the chicken above) or crunchy.  The cheese was sliced, not shredded.  I guess they have something against shredders.  The salsa tasted like a jar of Pace you'd get from the supermarket.

A couple overall observations of Mighty Taco:  They were very fast and friendly.  We had six in our group and the food came out in just a few minutes.  The cashiers were joking with us and quite pleasant.  Sadly, no soft drink refills, something that they have in common with the other Buffalo chain reviewed on this site, Ted's Hot Dogs.  But while Ted's will let you pay a small amount for a refill, Mighty Taco does not.  Interesting choice in this day and age.

You can check out their detailed menu here.

mcdonalds monopoly

My favorite restaurant promotion is back, now through August 12, 2013.  There is a twist this time.  Aside from the normal "collect all X and win Y" prizes, there is a special instant-win $1,000,000 on one Big Mac box.  Hey, that's a win-win: a million bucks, plus you get to eat a Big Mac.  Wow!

arbys 1964 promo

In honor of the first Arby's roast beef sandwich served in 1964, Arby's is offering a special anniversary price of just 64 cents for the Roast Beef Classic sandwich on Tuesday, July 23, 2013.  Interestingly, this is the 49th anniversary, which begs the question of why now and what will they roll out as a special for the 50th next year?

You need a coupon to get the special price.  That can be printed on a special throwback web page here

I don't cover Subway very much back in the States.  Frankly, it isn't my favorite place for a quick sandwich.  But there is no denying Subway's global presence.  Here in Dubai you will find ordering your sandwich and the resulting assembly process to be familiar - it's identical to the way it is everywhere else.  Even the topping and sauce choices are the same.  For instance, I thought they wouldn't have honey mustard, but there it was, sitting in its little squirt bottle ready to go.

Above you can see some regional specialties, largely to cater to the Indian and Asian populations.  Chicken Tikka and Chicken Teriyaki subs and a couple extra veggie choices.  Of course at Subway ANY sandwich can be a veggie sandwich so that's probably what adds to the popularity.


The following is a review of the new Burger King Rib Sandwich by reader Matt:

"I've been a fan of the McRib since it's inception back in the 80's.  Latetly though, it's been quite a disappointment in its taste. The meat patty is definitely smaller in size in my opinion compared to what it used to be. And I swear they use so much bbq sauce that really, that seems to be all that you taste!

"Imagine my surprise when Burger King announced that they were going to tackle the processed pork patty sandwich world with their own McRib-like sandwich, simply called the Rib Sandwich. So, of course I had to try one!

bk rib

bk rib

"As you can see it comes on a regular round bun, which is yellow, so I'm guessing it's an egg bun. It was very soft and fresh, and almost had a slightly sweet taste to it.

"The meat itself is not rib-shaped meat, it's more burger-like, I guess. Actually I'm not sure what "look" they were going for with that patty.  And it's not smothered in bbq sauce, which I liked because you could actually taste the meat. Add a few pickles and voila!

bk rib

"And honestly, I like this sandwich much more than the McRib. The meat tasted "real" to me (scary that you have to describe meat as tasting real). The sauce is slightly sweet and has a little kick to it too.

"It says it's only going to be available for a limited time, so I'm guessing the summer season is it. I hope they bring this one back because it really is a nice change from the regular burgers and chicken and fish sandwiches out there."

Thanks Matt for the great review.  If you have a fast food story you'd like published, just let us know!


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