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Dickey's is not listed on Fast Food Source (yet) but it should be.  While not really fast, it is about as fast as Subway, Chipotle, or other assemble-while-you-wait establishments.  And man, is it worth the wait.

Juicy BBQ beef, chicken, ribs, etc.  Sandwiches or just slabs of meat on a plate.  It's all good.  Here's one of their daily specials - this one is the BBQ ribs plate with two sides and a drink for something like $7.99. 

dickeys bbq ribs

They have a different special each day, so it's worth repeated visits.  Plus they have those cool yellow plastic cups.  Expensive.  But just another nice-to-have like their fake silver plastic dinnerware.  Fun.

First off, apologies for the grainy images, but I grabbed these from the Zurich airport as I was passing through.  Basically, the Zurich menu doesn't have a lot of excitement on it.  They are, however, playing everyone's favorite game, Monopoly!

Lots of fun salads though.  The Swiss love their salads, apparently:

Hey look, it's the Big N Tasty.  And they have a Steakhouse Classic, which appears similar to the Steakhouse burger seen at Burger King in Barcelona.

Just another shot of Monopoly goodness:

A Junior Chicken Sandwich for the Happy Meal menu and some chicken wings on the "snack" menu are the big highlights here.

Here's a quick post with some pics from the outdoor menu at a Paris McDonald's taken recently:

Yes, they have beer:

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On a recent visit to Barcelona I stopped by my neighborhood Burger King.  The interior was nice and familiar.  The menu had all the classics plus a number of interesting items.  Sadly, my pics of the main menu didn't turn out, so all I have to show is this one for the side items and drinks:

My sad circle is pointing out something cool.  In Barcelona, you can have a cup of beer instead of a Coke or water.  Nice.

I tried the Steakhouse Burger.  What a glorious piece of sandwich engineering this is.

burger king steakhouse burger

Check out that magnificence.  The bottom-up assembly is heel>patty>cheese>bacon>onion strings>tomato>lettuce>mayo>crown.  Note they chose to put the mayo on top, rather than on the bottom as is customary for flavor (like on the Whopper.)

I found the sandwich hearty, meaty, and very tasty.  A perfect blend of toppings in every bite, topped off by a satisfying crunch from the onion strings.

Above is a curiosity.  I've never seen customer-accessible microwaves before.  This one was right next to the drink machines.  How cold could the food get 10 feet from where you pick it up?

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A trend with fast food Mexican restaurants lately is to take the standard ingredients and combine them together in what is often called a "combo" item.  Combo burritos are the most common, taking up permanent residence at both Taco Bell and Del Taco.  I guess "combo" is better than that other more hip term "mash up" which doesn't sound very good when applied to food.

del taco shredded beef burrito

del taco shredded beef burrito

Doesn't that look delicious?  OK, maybe getting a "beauty shot" of the interior of a burrito isn't as easy as it is with burgers.  Must be a real challenge to food stylists.  Anyway, this Shredded Beef Combo Burrito from Del Taco is just what you'd expect: shredded beef, beans, cheese and sauce.  The hook here is that Del Taco doesn't normally have shredded beef.  So this is a "limited time" promotional item.  At $2.99, this is considered a premium burrito.  It was exactly what you'd expect a meaty, beany burrito to taste like.  I did find it dry however, despite the default sauce and my addition of 2 packets of Medium (Del Scorcho) sauce.  Nevertheless, a good alternative to the normal burrito offerings for frequent Del Taco visitors.


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