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farm burger

A small three-store burger joint in the Atlanta area, Farm Burger combines gourmet burgers and a bar in a rustic, noisy but family-friendly atmosphere.  There are three locations, and I visited the one in Buckhead GA.

farm burger

farm burger

The menu follows a format similar to anyone who has visited Fuddruckers or other build-a-burger chains.  The gimmick: know your burger.  Fresh beef from grass-fed, happy cows (presumably until they became patties) that were never fed antibiotics, hormones or grain.  What does that do to the taste?  Well, it makes for a big, thick and juicy burger with a great non-processed taste.

farm burger

I built my burger with lettuce, tomato, "house" pickles, FB sauce (a sort of spicy thousand island) and grainy mustard.  For company, I added an order of onion rings and a Coke.

farm burger

First to arrive was my basket of six big juicy onion rings.  They come with the standard horseradish-based dipping sauce.  Note the can of Coke - this is the way you get soft drinks.  At first I was thinking that was kind of cheap, until the guy bringing my food asked if I wanted another.  Apparently, they will give you another can if you want in lieu of refills.  Nice.  But a fountain drink would still have been preferred.

farm burger

Shortly after the rings came the main event.  Wow, look at that first impression!  The burger occupied the entire basket and was a challenge to cut in half.  Everything was generous, from the size of the patty to the number of pickles.  And the sandwich had a great homemade taste that suggested the cook made it just for me.  Which he did.

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