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corfu mcdonalds menu

There's that CBO again!  Yes, it's the third in a series of stories about McDonald's fast food restaurants in Europe.  We've already visited Spain and France, and our next stop is the island of Corfu in financially-challenged Greece.

The cool thing about touring Europe is the same thing that is currently driving Greece crazy: a common currency.  This allows for comparison of things like a 1 euro menu.

corfu 1 euro menu

Sorry about the cash register blocking part of this menu - it was the only posted chart of 1 euro food items.  But you can see some familiar items as well as the unique "McToast" sandwich.  Um, what is it?  Nobody there spoke English clearly enough for me to find out and I just ate so I didn't feel like ordering one.

Let's look at the main board, the McMenu, instead:

This menu should make any American feel at home.  In fact, except for the "McFarm" (pork) sandwich, everything is pretty normal.  Even the "Quarter Pounder" is called a "Quarter Pounder", not a Royal.  Ahh, consistency.

In the Happy Greek Children department, the Happy Meal board had a lot that was Greek to me.  But there's the trusty "McToast" and I am thinking this is a grilled cheese.  Someone please confirm.  And while cherry tomatoes are nowhere to be found, they do have the wedge fries and another American kids menu staple, apple slices.

Join us next time for our next stop - the decidedly non-Euro Croatia.

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