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McDonald's, you rule my mainstream burger world.  But you apparently cannot make an innovative chicken product to save your life.  We rant and we rave, but the folks in Mickey D's test kitchen must not get the Internet.  The latest experiment in chicken?  Chicken McBites.  "Hey, they look a lot like KFC's Popcorn Chicken" you say?  You'd be right.  But look closer.


Imagine a standard chicken strip broken up into pieces.  That's all these are.  And what little pieces they are.  Look inside the box above.  This is the "regular" size.  They also have a size for "snack" and "sharing" but I wouldn't share these.  They are dry, flavorless, and mostly breading.  That last one might not be a fair criticism.  I mean, of course they are mostly breading.  But really, I thought they'd be relatively uniform chunks of chicken breast.  Instead, they look like the crumbs from an IHOP Chicken Strip Dinner (which is excellent, by the way, but not fast food so I digress.)

McDonald's, you know this comes from a place of love.  For Pete's sake, stop throwing sub-par chicken at us.  It is beneath you.  If you cannot innovate here, leave us the McNugget and move on.

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