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EDIT October 2012: By popular demand, menus are coming back!

When launched way back in 2000, the Internet was still young.  One of my personal desires was to have a single site where I could see the menus for all the restaurants I went to locally.  But the web has changed quite a bit in the last dozen years.  Now, pretty much every restaurant has menu information online.  While they normally do not include prices (which we do) they often include convenient links to nutritional information that I have never had a desire to maintain.

So, rather than continue to update the menus (a manual process which requires me going to each chain on a regular basis), FastFoodSource will instead link to each chain's own online menu info.  What I may do is open up the comment area for each chain and allow you, the loyal reader, the ability to add prices in your area.

What will FastFoodSource become?  Pretty much what it already is, a blog where people who are fast food fans can gather and discuss the latest trends and tasty new offerings.  As we continue into our second decade, we hope you will continue to enjoy, and find useful, FastFoodSource.

Happy eating!

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