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del taco

Take a look at this ad below, posted in the drive-thru lane at my local Del Taco:


Can you tell what they are selling?  At first glance, this looks like three deluxe tacos for $1.  But then I saw the word "more" and noticed the fine print below (very fine when viewed from my driver seat) "than 3 regular tacos."


OK, so now I think I get it.  I have to order THREE deluxe tacos and I will pay $1 more to upgrade those three tacos to Deluxe.  Weird.  I have to order three?  OK.  Now that I understand, can I order them now?  UM, no.  Look closely at the other corner of the ad:

Really Del Taco?!  I can only get this deal on three tacos, ordered between 3-11pm on Taco Nights?  What is Taco Night, anyway?  I thought that was Tuesday and Thursday.  In fact, that is what your website says too.  So, let me get this straight, Del Taco.  You made a special ad that is soooo specific that it only applies to a certain number of tacos ordered within two eight hour windows during the week?  Couple this with the prominent highlighting of Tyson on your chicken posters and I have to question your recent marketing decisions.

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