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In the west, we have Rally's.  In the east, Checkers.  I confess I eat here extremely rarely, as there isn't one convenient during my daily living.  But on a recent trip to Atlanta, I had a hankerin' for a burger at the airport, so I sidled up to the Checkers counter and visited my old friend, Big Buford.

checkers big buford

checkers big buford

This was a dang good burger.  Look at that presentation, at an airport location no less.  Casually but not sloppily assembled, my Big Buford double meat, double cheeseburger was juicy, tasty, with the right meat to cheese ratio, cool toppings and no grease.  A clean-messy burger experience is always welcome, especially in work clothes.  And as for the fries...

checkers fries

Frequent readers know I am NOT a fan of seasoned fries.  They often taste bland and processed, as if the coating is covering up their frozen origins.  But these seasoned fries made me think twice.  Salty, almost savory, dark and crispy, the Checkers fries were a great companion to Mr. Buford.  Kudos Checkers, for keeping an eye on the prize.

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