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What kind of sandwich is this?


No, it's not a new menu item.  It's a Big Mac on a Quarter Pounder bun.  My wife likes getting the Big Mac without the center slice of bread.  That is a royal pain to order, especially in the drive-thru, as there is "no button for that."  Sometimes they press NO MAC BUN and I end up with the sandwich on a tiny cheeseburger bun, which of course is also sans sesame seeds.  When they do it right, they normally press the ASK ME button, meaning the cooks are supposed to ask the attendant what is special.

This is far simpler, and I commend the drive-thru attendant last week at my Mesa (Ellsworth & Baseline) McDonald's for punching the QUARTER BUN button.  Sweet!  The right size to hold all the Macky goodness, and sesame seeds to boot.  I am not sure how much of a nutritional savings my wife is getting ordering it this way, but I am happy ordering and she is happy eating.  All is right with the world.

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