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Arby's is rolling out a "brand re-launch" and new advertising campaign this week.  The theme is freshness, and the theme is all over the place.  The updated logo combines a more modern typeface with exciting Photoshop touches like bevel and lighting effects for a 3-D look.  Oh, and there is that funky apostrophe that looks like a little DVD (or shiny vinyl record if you are old like me.)

A series of commercials accompany the launch.  I was sent a preview of the new spots, the first of which features retired New York detective Bo Dietl uncovering the truth that Subway sandwich meat is sliced at remote plants and then trucked in, while Arby's meats are sliced in the store.

arbys bo dietl

The implication, of course, is that meat sliced in the store is fresher than meat sliced elsewhere.  I suppose that is a logical leap, but I don't know enough about what slicing meat does to "freshness" to say for sure.

The second commercial spotlights the Grand Turkey Club.  Gaze upon its splendor:

arbys grand turkey club

I'll review this sandwich in a future article.  In the mean time, my cowboy hat's off to Arby's (or is that now arby's with a little "a"?) for a clean change that keeps with tradition without alienating fast food fans.

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