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If you ever find yourself in Dubai, rest assured you will not be far from some of your favorite American fast food chains.  At Dubai Mall alone I was surprised by the choices:

It goes without saying, and we have reviewed earlier, that McDonald's (and Burger King) are all over.

Pizza Hut, with a really cool Arabic logo.

Baja Fresh???  Whaa???  This was a total surprise to find in Dubai.  I would've expected Chipotle or even Taco Bell before this.  And here's my burrito from BF:

Ahh, Mexican.  I was in withdrawl.  And look what else they were serving at Baja Fresh:

I was very surprised to see this American Mall staple here at a Middle Eastern mall.  No Hot Dog On A Stick girls though.

This one was also a surprise.  Look closely at the logo.  Look familiar?  Perhaps a little like this one?

Yeah, my guess is the word "church" has little meaning in a Muslim country.  Clever.  And can you tell what this one is?

I think this logo for Subway is cool because they retained the S-arrow in the logo.

Too funny.  It's like - pick the most specialized chains in the U.S. and throw them over here.  I'm really shocked at this rate there was no Five Guys or In-n-Out.

Finally, one that wasn't in Dubai, but rather Qatar.  I love the ampersand in the middle of the Arabic letters.  Cool.

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