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Not to be left out, here are some shots of Burger King in Dubai, including pics of some of the food up close:

First thing that caught my eye was that they had the GLORIOUS Steakhouse Burger that I first encountered in Barcelona.  Yay!  I ordered one and there are pics, so read on.  


Next, you can see lots of chicken-based burgers, very friendly for the large Indian population here in Dubai.  Note below the additional bean-based sandwich, the Bean Royale.

These big ass stacked burgers also seemed to be popular.  At least they are pushing them, not sure who is eating them.  Now, on to the food beauty shots:

Ok, not quite as pretty as the one I had in Barcelona, but still good looking, huh?  And here is their big fish sandwich, the BK Fish Royale:

My friend Steve said this was good and described it as tasting like a sandwich he would receive in a fine restaurant.  But it looks like fish sticks on a long bun to me.

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