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Check out the Angus Pastrami & Swiss sandwich from Schlotzsky's.




Pressed between two sturdy slices of round dark rye bread, the "medium" sized Angus Pastrami & Swiss is anything but medium.  Thick and generous piles of warm and juicy Pastrami, covered with melted Swiss cheese and mustard - this is a really good pastrami sandwich.  Maybe slightly untraditional in the bread department, but nonetheless, a very good example of the breed. 

I'll admit I was a bit mislead by the Schlotzsky's sizing - I guess I don't eat there enough.  If this is a medium, then surely a small would've filled me up.  And the fact that there is no large should've also tipped me off.  Oh well, too many would've - should'ves already.

As a bonus, here is my wife's Fiesta Chicken:


Also served as thinly-sliced meat, this time on more of an Italian-type bun.  The Fiesta Chicken sandwich has some sort of sassy mayo concoction for its signature taste.  Plus lettuce, a bit tomato, cheese, onions and peppers.  She liked it, but I liked my pastrami better.

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