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Taco Bell loves to repackage and re-work their menu.  Case in point, the new Shredded Chicken Soft Taco.  The twist, the chicken is shredded and seasoned as opposed to the chunky and somewhat bland predecessor.

taco bell shredded chicken taco

taco bell shredded chicken taco

Above is the Freso-style version.  Note the shredded chicken down on the bottom beneath the lettuce and pico.  Toppings are the same as the other basic tacos.  The taste was good and the chicken flavorful.  However, the taco is small and there is no way it will fill you up.  Taco Bell is notorious for jacking up the price of their chicken-based items and this is no exception.  Weighing in at the size of a basic taco, this one has a jumbo-taco price of $1.99.  Wow.  And I thought $1.50 for the old chicken taco was high.  Definitely not worth the money.

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