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I took my free coupon from last week's Del Taco Slow Cooked Challenge and traded it in for my free Carnitas Taco.

del taco carnitas taco

This is a street taco, in two mini flour tortillas. The taco had plenty of meat and the sauce was tangy. I found that

the overall flavor was good, although I found the meat to be a bit dry. The toppings are sparse, as you can see below. However, to be fair, there's not a lot of real estate.

del taco carnitas taco

del taco carnitas taco

At Del Taco I tend to order a number of fast food items. A couple chicken tacos and a red bean and cheese burrito is my pretty standard menu request. For people like me, this might be a good way to "mix it up" a bit. It's definitely more flavorful than a basic beef taco and the carnitas would be at home in smaller Mexican chain. 

Give the carnitas menu items a try and let us know what you think!

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