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Here's the Classic Salad from El Pollo Loco. From the website:

"Choose between deeply marinated fire-grilled chicken or Baja shrimp, then add crisp shredded lettuce blend and authentic corn, pico de gallo salsa, Cotija cheese, corn tortilla strips and fresh cilantro. Served with creamy cilantro dressing."

el pollo loco classic salad

I found the salad to be generous, tasty, and satisfying. As I pointed out in last year's Grilled Chicken Salad Review for this very same fast food restaurant, the chicken in El Pollo Loco's salads seems completely different in taste and texture from the whole chicken pieces you get at the same restaurant. This chicken is a bit more dry, although that could just be the result of a whole chicken breast cut up and then stored for use during the day. I have no idea.

Also during the same visit, I ordered a Chicken Taco al Carbon. This little snack-sized street taco is perfect if you want a quick bite or if a salad doesn't seem to fill you up.

el pollo loco chicken al carbon taco

No, the taco doesn't come with cilantro dressing. But I found that the dressing from my salad tasted fantastic on this taco. Another reason to order it as a combo!

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