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Last week we told you about the two new fast food chicken offerings on Del Taco's Buck & Under menu. This week, we gave them both a try. 

First up, the Chicken Roller. This compact burrito was a great little snack. It's hard to tell from the pic just how small this item is, but if you've had the 79 cent burrito on the Buck & Under menu then you have some idea.

del taco chicken roller

del taco chicken roller


del taco chicken roller

As you can see, the inside of this little burrito is chicken and pepper jack cheese. The green sauce was applied quite lightly, but overall the burrito was still juicy and satisfying. However, I ate the entire thing in seven bites, so if you order one you're going to want something else to accompany it.

Speaking of companions, here's the Salsa Fresca Taco.

del taco salsa fresca taco

del taco salsa fresca

As you can see, both items were surprisingly packed with chicken. The taco, you recall, is made of chicken and pico de gallo. This is pretty much a street taco, so expect something really small you can easily hold in one hand. The double corn tortillas are a nice authentic touch. Still, I would like to have seen some sort of sauce, although my old favorite Medium (Del Scorcho) worked fine.

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