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del taco chili cheese nachos

Advertised on the Buck & Under menu at Del Taco, the Chili Cheese Nachos accompanies the Salsa Verde Nachos as two new side items meant to punch up an old standby. Do they measure up, well see from yourself. Compare what I found when I opened the box above with what Del Taco advertises below:

del taco chili cheese nachos

Not the one, Zathras. Not the one. I'm understanding of a low-priced side item not getting the attention of a food stylist, but c'mon, does my order look appetizing?

del taco chili cheese nachos

Should you order this item, it will arrive in an optimistically hefty box with a fork, the same packaging as for the much better Chili Cheese Fries. Your mileage may vary, but at $1.39 (solidly on the "Buck & OVER" menu at my local Del Taco) this simply was not worth it for me.

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