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carls jr western bacon cheeseburger

The Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger (or as I call it, the WBC) is a staple for me. Super straightforward in its design, the sandwich is always satisfying and strikes the perfect balance in the meat-to-condiment ratio of 0.9:1, if you count Bacon as a condiment like I do. A single beef patty, two onion rings, cheese, bacon, and bbq sauce on a sesame seed bun. 


carls jr wbc

You can, of course, opt for the larger Thickburger version, which replaces the smaller patty with the larger one, but I happen to like the size of the patty in the Famous Star and Super Star, so the standard WBC is good enough as-is.

carls jr western bacon cheeseburger

What's new is "thicker" bacon. I am not sure how they compare it with the old bacon as they don't have micrometers available in a bin next to the straws or anything. In fact, looking at the picture, you would be hard pressed to tell that the bacon is now any thicker than it was before. However, it does feel thicker when you take a bite. It's not enough to throw the ratio out of whack in any substantial way, but the taste is pleasantly tweaked.

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