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carls jr bacon cheddar fries

Well, don't those look pretty? Who wouldn't want some crispy fries drenched in melted cheese and bacon sprinkles? That's what I thought, so I ordered some as an upgrade to my combo just to give them a test drive. They came in this nice box suggesting I was in store for something big:

carls jr bacon cheddar fries

Unlike the picture in the ad, what I actually received was something a little less appetizing:

carls jr bacon cheddar fries

Uuugggh. You can feel your arteries just seizing up. I guess the assembly could've been a bit better, with the cheese drizzled on instead of glopped on in a big blob. Or maybe my expectations are unreasonable. What I can say is that this was unappetizing. Being a big fan of cheese, that's saying something.

As for taste, it was exactly what you'd expect a cheesy french fry to taste like. The bacon bits were actually bacon strips broken into half-inch squares. So that was in some ways nice, getting decent chunks of bacon. But the flip side is not as much bacon-per fry as you'd get with bacon bits.

Admittedly, this is somewhat more nit-picky than my normal reviews and your mileage may vary.

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