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Cook Out is a small fast food chain of about 200 stores in the Southeastern US that specializes in burgers, BBQ, and hot dogs. The first location opened in Greensboro, NC in 1989 and they currently have locations in about seven states from Georgia to Delaware and into Western Kentucky and Tennessee.

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The stores are set up with a BBQ/western theme and guests in the dining room sit at large picnic tables. Paper towel rolls are available but also regular napkins, and a handy sink is located by the front door to wash away any stickiness.

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The menu is full of all the stuff you'd expect to see at a restaurant like this: burgers, BBQ chopped pork (Carolina-style, of course), hot dogs, and the usual sides like fries, onion rings, slaw, and even hushpuppies. But then Cook Out also offers some unexpected alternatives such as a BLT and quesadilla.

Cook Out seems to be big on giving you a lot for your money. Their popular "tray" is a combo with one menu item, two sides (or smaller items) and a drink. At the Alpharetta, GA location where I tried them, all that could be had for $4.99.

I tried their burger and their BBQ, both of which will be reviewed in separate articles. All in all, though, I liked the straightforward manner in which Cook Out operates. Lots of choices without the menu seeming uncluttered; quick, friendly service; and a very informal fast food dining atmosphere.

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