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cook out bbq tray

On my second visit to Cook Out, a small southeastern US fast food chain, I tried the BBQ sandwich tray. As you may recall, the tray is their name for a combo, which includes two sides and a drink with the base menu item all for $4.99 (at my location in Georgia.)

cook out bbq tray

The BBQ sandwich is chopped pork, slaw, and a Carolina-style BBQ sauce. The overall taste is salty and slightly sweet. The slaw added a good cool factor and I liked how it was diced - almost like a bed of chopped onions on top of the meat. It's served on the same bun as the burger, which is a nothing-to-write-home-about basic bun.

cook out bbq tray

This sandwich tasted more like a snack to me. It's a bit bigger than a slider, but not a satisfying BBQ sandwich that I'd call a main course. However, this being Cook Out, you can add some chicken nuggets as a side item for the same price and plus up the protein.

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