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jack in the box brewhouse burger

Jack in the Box has been advertising their new fast food "Brewhouse Bacon Burger" as the kind of burger you'd find in a pub. This angle is eerily similar to the original Six Dollar Burger pitch from Carl's Jr., which claimed you'd get the same substantial burger you'd pay $6 for at a sit-down restaurant (read "Chili's") but at a lower price. We know how that worked out for the Star when burger prices crept up and the company had to adopt sister chain Hardee's "Thickburger" moniker. In this case, Jack wisely steers clear of the pricing angle. Marketing aside, what are you actually getting for your money and what does it taste like?


jack in the box brewhouse burger

I ordered the combo using a coupon that gave me the fries and drink free. The burger arrived nicely dressed as the pictures above attest. My local Jack in the Box get's an "A" for presentation.

jack in the box brewhouse burger

The Brewhouse Bacon Burger is hefty. The toppings are stacked above the patty, with only the "porter ale cheese sauce" above and below against both buns. Grilled onions, bacon, lettuce and tomato all balance out the flavor pretty well. However, I did find the overall taste a bit on the salty side. There is no ketchup or relish to add any sweetness to this sandwich - it's a somewhat grown-up taste that I don't think kids would really like.

Nutritionally, the 279.64 gram burger packs just shy of 805 calories and a whopping 57 grams of fat, 17 saturated. 103.7mg of cholesterol and just over 1275mg of sodium reenforce the "grown-up" theme. This burger is sized in the neighborhood of the Buttery Jack and Double Jack.

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