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arbys smokehouse turkey

Just in time for Thanksgiving, it's the Arby's Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich, available for a limited time. This fast food sandwich joins the return of the Smokehouse Brisket sandwich we reviewed back in 2014. How's the turkey version? Read on!

arbys smokehouse turkey

The Smokehouse Turkey sandwich is the right size for a meal and, when ordered as a combo, will fill up most people. The sandwich is advertised as smoked turkey breast, smoked cheddar cheese, crispy onion strings and white BBQ sauce served on a star-cut bun. The latter is the same bun served on Arby's delicious new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich which we reviewed and loved. This one, however, not so much.

arbys smokehouse turkey

First off, the sandwich is a mess. Literally. If there is a school for sandwich construction then the specimen I received was made by a kindergartner. And true, the staff at this particular Arby's seemed more interested in talking to each other than in helping me. But setting that aside, the ingredients do not lend themselves to quick assembly. The finely-sliced turkey and onion bits (not really long enough to be "strings") slip and slide in the gobs of BBQ sauce lubricant and the cheese does nothing to hold the whole thing in place. The underside is not much better, as you can see below...

arbys smokehouse turkey

Now don't get me wrong, I'm as happy with a messy BBQ sandwich as the next guy, but this thing was difficult to eat. As for the taste, which is what really matters, I found it decently BBQ'y and the sauce goes well with the turkey. But like I said with the Brisket sandwich, the cheese is completely unnecessary.

Nutritionally, the Arby's Smokehouse Turkey weighs in at 203g, 500 calories, 24g of fat and 8g of saturated fat, 65mg of cholesterol and an unsurprising 1340mg of sodium. Typical big fast food sandwich numbers.

Comparing this limited time fast food sandwich to the permanent Grand Turkey Club, I'd probably opt for the Club. Slightly bigger sandwich with slightly fewer calories, if you care about such things.

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