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wendys strawberry mango salad

Wendy's has a decent lineup of fast food salad options, and while we lament the discontinuation of the superb BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad, there are still some tasty offerings in the salad department.

Wendy's Strawberry Mango Salad comes with a generous portion of diced mango and strawberries as well as feta cheese crumbles on a standard bed of lettuce. A chopped up grilled chicken breast comes standard, although there is a non-chicken variant. You get the dressing of your choice on the side (defaults to the honey citrus vinaigrette) plus a small packet of honey roasted sunflower seeds. Like all Wendy's salads, you can opt for the full or, as pictured here, a half salad.

In this case, the half was plenty for a lunch. The fruit was juicy and sweet and went well with the vinaigrette. Plus, the nice thing about the half size is you're not left with a bed of lettuce after working your way through the top layer.

Nutritionally (with the default dressing):

Item Calories Fat (g) Sat Fat (g) Sodium (mg) Cholesterol (mg)
Full 340 17 5 780 20
Half 210 11 2.5 400 10

This salad is a great alternative to fast food burgers and an easy pickup in the drive-thru.

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