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del taco salsa chicken taco

On the left is our old favorite, the Grilled Chicken Taco (aka Chicken Soft Taco) at Del Taco. On the right is the new Salsa Chicken Taco. The new taco is cheaper, but both are on the Buck & Under menu. How do they compare?

del taco salsa chicken taco

They're not much different on the outside. Both come on the same size tortilla and are packed with grilled chicken and lettuce. The Grilled Chicken Taco comes with cheese and the house special ranch type dressing. The new Salsa taco comes with, you guessed it, salsa. You also get tomato instead of cheese.

del taco salsa chicken taco

Despite the salsa, I found the new version to be a bit dry. I like the Grilled Chicken Taco better taste-wise. As for a snack, they will both fill you up only if you get more than one or have a very small appetite. Neither are big tacos. Price-wise, I don't see much of a difference either. The Grilled is around $1, maybe slightly more. The Salsa is under $1. If cost was truly a factor I'd blame the cheese, but I suspect this is just targeted marketing.


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