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BurgerFi is a relatively new chain of premium burger restaurants in the southern and northeastern U.S.  The chain launched in Delray Beach, FL and is rapidly spreading across the country with stores marked as "coming soon" as far west as Arizona and California.  We'll be adding BurgerFi to the official roster of restaurants we track on Fast Food Source in the coming weeks, but first let's talk about the food.


BurgerFi's claim to fame is all natural burgers.  The name comes from their slogan "Burgerfication of the Nation®" but, deep down, I suspect they went to GoDaddy and searched for a domain name starting with the word "burger" that was available.  BurgerFi is a strange name for a restaurant.

The burger, however, is very good.  Constructed from the top-down with condiments riding above the meat and cheese, you truly taste the salty, cheesy double patties of the default Burgerfi Cheeseburger in your first bite.  Lettuce, tomato and BurgerFi sauce (a standard 1000 Island spread) mate well.  The meat-on-the-bottom construction with no spread on the heel bumps the meat:condiment ratio to about 1.25:1 in my estimation.  Great if you have a craving for meat first in a burger but don't want an overwhelming gi-hug-o monster burger.  This one is just right.  And that unique branding of the crown adds a really classy literal signature to their sandwich.  Nice.

burgerfi sides

The BurgerFi side items are generously-sliced fries and mega-sized onion rings.  The fries were crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside and reminded me of Five Guys.  The onion rings are big but thin, meaning a lot of batter to every bite.  BurgerFi offers a not-so-secret menu (it's in their printed menu so how secret can it be?) that includes variations on the burger and fries akin to the In-N-Out secret menu.

Overall, I found my visit to BurgerFi (I went to the Lake Mary FL store) pleasant and enjoyable.  I think there's room for more gourmet premium burger chains and BurgerFi is a welcome addition.  It will be interesting to watch them grow and see how far they can get in size and scope in the coming years.

arbys logo

A Lenten menu item for you: the Arby's Fish Sandwich.  Most people probably don't think about fish when they're "thinkin' Arby's".  Well, here is why:

arbys fish

A basic, fried giant fish stick on a bun.  My wife tried this, as I am not a fish fan.  She said it was ok, a little salty.  The sauce is creamy and the overall sandwich was tangy and tasty like a fried fish sandwich should be.

arbys logo

The Arby's French Dip & Swiss has been around for years.  Served on a nice hoagie-style bun and accompanied by a hot cup of au jus, this is a great alternative lunch choice for burger fans looking for an anti-burger.

arbys french dip

Like the Reuben, the sandwich comes in a regular size and a version with double meat.  However, Arby's was promoting 33% more meat on the regular sandwich, so it makes you wonder how thin the sandwich was to begin with.

arbys french dip

As you can see, the regular sandwich is meaty, cheesy and mouth-watering (thanks to the aforementioned au jus dip).  I had no trouble managing this sandwich as a base meal item.  It's neither too big nor too small.  I found it satisfying and tasty, the way I expect Arby's roast beef to taste.  I wonder if I could get the dip with any sandwich.  The Beef N' Cheddar would probably taste awesome with it.

subway logo

Sorry Jared, Subway seems bent on going outside of the healthy kick that made you famous.  Case in point, the crazy Fritos Chicken Enchilada Sandwich and the delectable Big Hot Pastrami Melt. 

subway pastrami melt

subway pastrami melt

Just like any other Subway sandwich, the Pastrami Melt is served up on your choice of bread and your choice of 6" or foot long.  The former will set you back about $5.50 while the latter $8.50.  Both are totally worth it.  The sandwich has a decent amount of quite flavorful pastrami with just the right amount of fat.  Loaded up on an Italian roll with the requisite mustard, Swiss cheese and pickles, and you have a fantastic lunch.

subway pastrami melt

There it is, in all its meaty, fatty glory.  This is a specialty sandwich, for a limited time, which means your mileage may vary when seeking out the Hot Pastrami Melt at your local store.  But if you come across it, check it out.  It's well worth it.

teds logo   subway logo

New fast food restaurant menus updated for Ted's Hot Dogs in NY and AZ and Subway.  I can't believe the Subway menu hadn't been updated since 2008 and was currently deactivated.  Yikes!

krystal logo

Krystal's slogan, interestingly not trademarked, is "Nothin Like It."  Truly, there is nothing like the taste of these little guys.  Comparing a Krystal that other mini-burger beginning with a W is unfair.  Both are unique and tasty snacks individually or, as shown here, a full meal when you order a handful.


The number three combo, upgraded to chili-cheese fries, is five Cheese Krystals and a drink.  This is quite a meal and I ended up combining Krystal's 4 & 5 into a double cheeseburger to save time.  Eating five mini burgers is somewhat time-consuming.

The Krystals themselves are tasty.  No ketchup here.  Just meat, cheese, onion, mustard and pickles on a soft bun.  The chili-cheese fries were about average.  Generous serving and kept warm in the nicely-shaped container.

The next time you're back east, try a Krystal.  There's truly nothin' like them.

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