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carls jr all star chicken tender

Wow, say that title five times fast, one for every dollar you'll spend on this bundle, er combo, er meal. Whatever you want to call it, this is a good value over just buying 3 Tenders on their own, which would set you back over $4 without any sides or drink.

We've recently reviewed the concept of the $5 All Star Meals and judged them to be a good deal. Out of the four offerings, this one wins for best value in terms of both savings and nutrition. But what's it like?


Your hint for this month's What Was It? fast food restaurant picture is that it is the same answer as for What Was It? #7.

mcdonalds sauces

At a recent visit to McDonald's I saw that they were promoting their sauces on a counter-top placemat. The two new sauces caught my eye and I asked for samples.

carls jr 5 dollar all star meal

Following the bundle trend of the last couple of years, Carl's Jr./Hardee's has rolled out a batch of four of $5 All Star Meals that bundle two small menu items, a side, a drink and a cookie. The one exception to this is the Chicken Tender bundle which does not include a second menu item and is then, technically a combo. Of course, that's a distinction we make here at Fast Food Source, so let's not split hairs.

jack in the box ribeye

I wanted to like Jack in the Box's new Ribeye Burgers. Part of a trend toward gourmet (think McDonald's Signature lineup) these burgers usually hinge on one or two premium features to an otherwise standard fast food sandwich. In this case the hook is "made with 100% ribeye." How'd they taste? Read on.

hardees chicken club

Being from the western side of the U.S., I'm used to Carl's Jr. but every once in a while I try the counterpart - Hardee's. Born of an acquisition of the former by the latter, the two menus are mostly synchronized. There are some regional differences, but the bottom line is if you're craving one of the core menu items at Hardee's you'll find it at Carl's. And vice versa, as this sandwich shows.

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