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I've seen the Big King advertised around the world.  It's basically Burger King's take on the Big Mac.  And BK's XXL burgers are double-whopper-patty sandwiches that are quite a mouthful.  Put them together, as I did recently in Dubai, and you end up with the Big King XXL.

On paper, what's not to like?  All the flame-broiled goodness Burger King is known for, plus a tasty thousand island-like sauce - times two.  But as any long-time reader knows, there is an acceptable meat-to-condiment ratio and this sucker blows that ratio out of the water.  My tastes tend toward a 0.8:1 ratio, meaning 20% more condiment than meat.  At BK, because the meat is generally tasty, I might bump that up to an even 1:1.  But I never enjoy sandwiches where the meat overwhelms the rest of the burger, which is what is happening here.

My solution?  Remove one of the patties.  Ahh.  There.  Now we have a Whopper-sized sandwich with toppings in appropriate proportion.  The bottom line: the XXL is tasty but one X too many.

Who reads the fine print?  Well, what do you think the odds are of coming across the $1 million instant-win game piece on the Big Mac box you order?  According to the official rules, approximately one in 37,955,000.  OK, so lottery odds.  I can live with that.

But what do you think the odds are of finding both blue $1 million game pieces (Park Place and Boardwalk?)  I admit I was shocked when I saw this number:  approximately one in 3,050,412,898.  That's over 3 billion with a "B".  Just surfing the web, I founds lots of other unlikely things that are way more likely than this.  You are over three hundred times more likely to become president of the U.S.  And you are about eighteen times more likely to win a multi-state mega lottery than find both blue pieces.  Even the odds of living to age 116 are only one in 2 billion.

It seems you are more likely to have just about anything else happen to you than come across both blue game pieces.  And even if you went to some crazy great lengths to find the two pieces, the prize is only a million bucks, paid out in $50,000 annual installments.  It almost makes the lottery look like a piece of cake.

One thing less likely than winning this game?  Getting killed by a piece of falling space debris or a meteor.  That's 1 in 5 billion.


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I have never thought of Wendy's as having a bun problem.  Nevertheless, I gave the new Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger a test drive.

wendys pretzel bacon cheeseburger

The burger arrived in a nondescript generic red box, befitting its "for a limited time" lifespan.  Opening the box, I am greeted by yes, a burger that appears to be on a bun made of pretzel bread.  Talk about truth in advertising!

wendys pretzel bacon cheeseburger

First, I tried to take a better picture but the crown wouldn't stay put on the top of the sandwich at the angle I had it positioned.  But you can see all the ingredients.  They are using that exotic leaf lettuce that Wendy's puts in their premium salads.  Nice big tomatoes and thick bacon.  This is the single above.  They also offer a double, just like all of their other burgers.

The verdict?  I feared the pretzel bun would be tough.  It wasn't.  Sturdy, pretty soft but somewhat chewy, the bun held its own.  But again, I never thought Wendy's buns were an issue (I like that sentence).  So is this a gimmick?  Was Wendy's trying hard to come up with something unique and decided the bun would stand out?  It does make for good pictures.  But does anybody eat a burger and think "this is good, but what would be better is if I was eating pretzels simultaneously?"  I think not.  So I have to conclude Wendy's is solving a non-existent problem with a gimmicky bun that, while unique, will be soon forgotten.

We have updated the online menu for Arby's, Burger King, KFC, Sonic, Steak-n-Shake, and Wendy's.  Enjoy!

On a rainy afternoon in June I tried Mighty Taco, Buffalo's local fast food Mexican outfit.  They have a pretty decent selection of basic Mexican offerings.  Their gimmick is tacos built any number of ways.  I tried both the beef and chicken versions to give them a solid test drive.

mighty taco

First up is the chicken version and the initial surprise is that the chicken is ground, not shredded.  Interesting texture but packed well into the soft taco shell as you can see below:

mighty taco

I didn't get fancy with the fixin's on my first outing, as I wanted to try what a Mighty Purist may order.  But as you can see from the wrapper, there are a number of customizations that can be performed on the tacos.  Note, they also use the same wrappers for the burritos.  Here's a closer look:

mighty taco

Overall, the chicken taco was pretty dull.  Even with the hot sauce, I wasn't thinking this was something I'd learn to crave.  So I unwrapped the beef version and gave that one a go.

mighty taco

These are basic tacos, probably a little less flavorful than the similarly-sized offerings from Taco Bell and Del Taco.  I found the ground beef to be a bit tastier than the chicken, but still not something I would crave.  You are given a choice of three different taco shells, "white" (beef above), wheat (the chicken above) or crunchy.  The cheese was sliced, not shredded.  I guess they have something against shredders.  The salsa tasted like a jar of Pace you'd get from the supermarket.

A couple overall observations of Mighty Taco:  They were very fast and friendly.  We had six in our group and the food came out in just a few minutes.  The cashiers were joking with us and quite pleasant.  Sadly, no soft drink refills, something that they have in common with the other Buffalo chain reviewed on this site, Ted's Hot Dogs.  But while Ted's will let you pay a small amount for a refill, Mighty Taco does not.  Interesting choice in this day and age.

You can check out their detailed menu here.

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