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If you ever find yourself in Dubai, rest assured you will not be far from some of your favorite American fast food chains.  At Dubai Mall alone I was surprised by the choices:

It goes without saying, and we have reviewed earlier, that McDonald's (and Burger King) are all over.

Pizza Hut, with a really cool Arabic logo.

Baja Fresh???  Whaa???  This was a total surprise to find in Dubai.  I would've expected Chipotle or even Taco Bell before this.  And here's my burrito from BF:

Ahh, Mexican.  I was in withdrawl.  And look what else they were serving at Baja Fresh:

I was very surprised to see this American Mall staple here at a Middle Eastern mall.  No Hot Dog On A Stick girls though.

This one was also a surprise.  Look closely at the logo.  Look familiar?  Perhaps a little like this one?

Yeah, my guess is the word "church" has little meaning in a Muslim country.  Clever.  And can you tell what this one is?

I think this logo for Subway is cool because they retained the S-arrow in the logo.

Too funny.  It's like - pick the most specialized chains in the U.S. and throw them over here.  I'm really shocked at this rate there was no Five Guys or In-n-Out.

Finally, one that wasn't in Dubai, but rather Qatar.  I love the ampersand in the middle of the Arabic letters.  Cool.

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mcdonalds dubai

I love Dubai.  Very friendly to westerners.  Plus, fast food fans need not do without as many of the popular chains are represented.  Checking out the McDonald's in the Dubai Mall next door to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.  Let's take a look at what they have to offer:

mcdonalds dubai

mcdonalds dubai

The core roster is similar, although logically for a Muslim country they are light on beef items.  Also, the heavy Indian population also skews away from beef products.  Still, the first four were beef:

  1. Big Mac
  2. Big Tasty
  3. Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  4. McRoyale
  5. Chicken Big Mac
  6. McChicken
  7. Spicy McChicken
  8. McArabia (not shown, but a plate of middle eastern bread and meat)
  9. Grand Chicken Classic
  10. Grand Chicken Deluxe
  11. Grand Chicken Special
  12. 6pc Chicken McNuggets
  13. Filet-O-Fish
  14. Veggie Burger
  15. Double Cheeseburger (below - hey, one more beef item!)

mcdonalds dubai

mcdonalds dubai

Very hard to make out on the McSavers menu above, but the second item is the McAloo Tikki.  This is a potato burger very popular in India.

mcdonalds dubai

Lastly, here is something for "a limited time offer": The French.  What the heck kind of meat is that?  I think it is beef, just a strange picture.  Actually, it is somewhat of a running local joke here in Dubai that McDonald's has been rolling out a different "International" burger each month.  Before The French was The Mexican, and there have been others.

Here's a link to the McDonald's UAE website with more menu items here.

And here's a commercial for the McAloo Tikki:

My friend Jerry tried the McAloo Tikki.  It looks really small in these shots but he said it was about the size of the regular hamburger:


Jerry described it as "potato with peas, spicy sauce, onions, and a slice of tomato" and said it wasn't bad.

And now, the standard Big Mac beauty shots.  Looks a lot like China, and France, and Spain, and ...

In any language, I'm loving it!

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mcdonalds shanghai

I'm loving it.  I found a trusty McDonald's on a recent trip to Shanghai.  The restaurant was pretty much the same as any other, apart from the sign.  One thing I noticed is that nobody seems to bus their own tables - everyone just left their trash and a guy came around and cleaned them up.  I dumped my own Big Mac wrapper.  We'll get to pics of the food, but first, let's take a look at the menus:

mcdonalds shanghai

First, of course, is the Big Mac.  Then what looks like a Double Quarter Pounder.  What that thing was on the right I have no idea.  The cashier didn't speak English so I could not ask.  Whatever it was, RMB20 is about $3.25.  My Big Mac was a little cheaper.

mcdonalds shanghai

Here are the fish and chicken items.  The sandwich on the left appears to be some sort of deli item, but it could be more fish.

mcdonalds shanghai

The McWraps were really tasty looking.  And you could make it a combo with Fries or Rice for about $1.63.

mcdonalds shanghai

These have to be some of the happiest Happy Meals around.  What an inviting menu.  And those little chicken strips shaped like drumsticks - brilliant.  But let's not waste any more time.  Here is my Big Mac combo:

mcdonalds shanghai

mcdonalds shanghai

Tasted the same.  Made as quickly as they make them in the States.  It was a little dry, but no more than some I have had at home.

I could not get to McDonald's to grab any shots of their menu while in Geneva, but here are some I captured from Burger King:

Here is my Big King combo meal, which was only 14 Swiss Francs.  Whoa!  Yeah, that's on par with the US dollar so it cost me just under $15 for a Big King meal.

And that was a less expensive meal than most of the others.  Sorry for the grainy grab from my phone, but it was at a long distance:

The moral of this story is that food is dang expensive in Geneva.  More than in Zurich.  Basically, take what you would spend in the US and triple it.  It made the twice-as-expensive food in France seem cheap by comparison.  Crazy!

On a recent trip to Paris I grabbed some shots of the menu outside a Parisian McDonald's.  I will admit they were pretty boring pics as there were no food items displayed.  Here, I went back to Paris just for you and got better ones:

I am thinking the Royal with lettuce must be blacked out above because putting lettuce and tomato on a Quarter Pounder violates some obscenity law.


In our continuing effort to bring back relevant and current menus, here is the mother of all menus, a recent capture at McDonald's.  Enjoy!

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