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McDonald's is rolling out a European favorite just in time for fall.  The Cheddar Bacon Onion Sandwich (CBO) made its debut on October 19 and will roll out to restaurants nationwide.  According to the announcement, "The tasty new Cheddar Bacon Onion is all about customization and available to order as an Angus Burger... OR a grilled or crispy Premium Chicken Sandwich!"

Here's the CBO on the menu in Greece that I snapped in 2010:

mcdonalds cbo greece

The sandwich sounds like it will be different from that pictured above, as the ingredients are listed as "two new premium toppings of white cheddar and grilled onions, and combined with our existing hickory-smoked bacon and topped with a creamy mustard sauce."

Check it out.  I'll provide a review soon.  If you are really into this, you can follow McDonald's on Twitter (@McDonalds) with the special hashtag #CBO.

By Arby's invitation, I tried the new Grand Turkey Club sandwich.  It was probably the fact that it was SMOTHERED in mayo that kept me from being overjoyed by this sandwich which was, for all intents and purposes, a tasty alternative.

The sandwich comes in a gigantic cardboard box.  And good thing too, as this isn't a skimpy sandwich.  Construction is mayo, lettuce, tomato, sliced turkey, Swiss cheese, bacon, and more mayo.  In my case, unfortunately, it was more like mayo, lettuce, mayo, tomato, mayo, sliced turkey, mayo, Swiss cheese, mayo, bacon, and more mayo.  But setting that aside, what you have are the same ingredients as my favorite "club" sandwich, the Carl's Jr. Chicken Club.

arbys grand turkey club

Look at that.  That is one fine looking sandwich.  No objections.  Generous amounts of lettuce, turkey and bacon made the sandwich tasty and flavorful.  This three-napkin sandwich was big enough to need two hands.

At $4+, the sandwich isn't cheap.  But nowadays, nothing seems to be.  However, putting it next to its smaller sibling, the Turkey Classic, you see a stark contrast between two offerings that are about a dollar apart price-wise.

No that isn't Photoshopped.  That is the size difference between the Grand and the Classic.  At over three bucks, the Turkey Classic is a poor value.  What Arby's tried to do, apparently, is take its popular roast beef sandwich (which is just meat, bread and Arby's sauce) and replicate that formula with Turkey.  What you are left with, however, is a very disappointing pile of sliced turkey on a bun.  Sauce needs to be specified, although it would probably be tasty with honey mustard.

Beyond boring.  And there is NO way to justify over $3 for this.  With my coupon, the gigantic and generous Grand was $3.49.

Arby's has had a good shredded chicken sandwich for some time.  The turkey offerings seem on par.  Getting back to the Grand, I would have preferred shredded lettuce instead of leaf, but that is personal bias and the big leafy garden toppings were nothing to complain about.

Check out the Grand Turkey Club the next time you visit Arby's.  Just tell them to go easy on the mayo.

The best recurring fast food game is back.  I love this game.  I'm not sure why.  There have been better instant-win games in the past, even others from McDonald's.  But I am always happy to see the Monopoly signs.  Maybe it is familiarity with the board game.  Whatever.

Let's pool our resources.  If you have the complementary pieces to these below, let me know!

B&O Railroad, Penn Railroad, Reading Railroad (need 950)
Pacific Avenue #942, North Carolina #943 (need 944)
Illinois Avenue #938 (need 936 & 937)
Park Place #945 (need 946 for $1 meelion dollars!)

Check out this liberal re-use of this picture in the following two window cling posters:

they both sound like pretty good deals, but look at the pics.  They are the SAME pictures.  That is more than eight pieces in the 8pc poster.  I count eleven, but there is one probably hiding to make the middle stick up.  On the 12pc version, they have tortillas in the background, which they either Photoshopped in or took out of the 8pc one.

Can you go in and say you want what is pictured and get it?  Is this false advertising?  The answer to both questions is "probably not." I think it's just sloppy work.  What's more, these pics are side-by-side on the SAME store window.  C'mon El Pollo Loco advertising dept, make an effort.

Arby's is rolling out a "brand re-launch" and new advertising campaign this week.  The theme is freshness, and the theme is all over the place.  The updated logo combines a more modern typeface with exciting Photoshop touches like bevel and lighting effects for a 3-D look.  Oh, and there is that funky apostrophe that looks like a little DVD (or shiny vinyl record if you are old like me.)

A series of commercials accompany the launch.  I was sent a preview of the new spots, the first of which features retired New York detective Bo Dietl uncovering the truth that Subway sandwich meat is sliced at remote plants and then trucked in, while Arby's meats are sliced in the store.

arbys bo dietl

The implication, of course, is that meat sliced in the store is fresher than meat sliced elsewhere.  I suppose that is a logical leap, but I don't know enough about what slicing meat does to "freshness" to say for sure.

The second commercial spotlights the Grand Turkey Club.  Gaze upon its splendor:

arbys grand turkey club

I'll review this sandwich in a future article.  In the mean time, my cowboy hat's off to Arby's (or is that now arby's with a little "a"?) for a clean change that keeps with tradition without alienating fast food fans.

I am really starting to like Five Guys.  At first, I was thinking "eh, it's a good old-fashioned burger" but now that I have had it a few more times it is really starting to become addictive.  And that is dangerous, because you can load up on all the toppings you want for the same price.  One thing I have learned: I am happy with the single burger, but it is unmanly to have to order a "little" hamburger.  Can't they call it something else?  Like a "One Guy?"

And now, for your salivating pleasure, some gratuitous burger shots:

I am getting hungry

Oh man!

Greasy, yes.  But oh so good.

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