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I love Del Taco.  My favorite item has to be the Chicken Soft Taco, which I find superior in every way to any equivalent at Taco Bell.  I love the Chicken Soft Taco so much that I silently endured the price increase last year to 99 cents that was justified in advertising as the result of an increase in the amount of chicken in each taco.

Imagine my dismay, then, when I unwrapped my most recent Chicken Soft Tacos only to find this:

The picture almost doesn't capture the miniscule size of this taco.  Is it just me, or did Del Taco reduce the diameter of the tortilla?  It is now exactly five inches.  I don't know what it was before, but this seems like the "del Carbon" size.

There still appeared to be a good portion of chicken inside, however you can probably tell from this picture that there is barely enough room to fit any condiments and still close the shell.  I have to be right on this - the TACO IS SMALLER.  Del Taco, did you think nobody would notice?  Is this taco worth 99 cents, or 1.09, or some such similar price?  Are you going down the path of Taco Bell in downsizing to maintain a "bargain" menu item and if so, can a potato taco be far away?

I'll still order the Chicken Soft Taco.  I am addicted.  But why not come out with two sizes?  Do a tiny one at a lower price and go ahead with a Macho Chicken Soft Taco at a higher price point.  At least I wouldn't feel insulted when I order it.

Updated In-N-Out Burger Menu.  Looks like the prices increased 5-10 cents per item since last year.

Back in September, 2009, I reviewed the Big Carl at Carl's Jr., a double cheeseburger with thousand island spread that was Carl's answer to the Big Mac.  That burger is tasty and a worthy challenger.  But, at 920 calories it blows the doors off the trimmer by comparison 540-calorie Big Mac.

For those who want the great taste of a thousand island burger in a smaller package, Carl's introduces the Little Carl, still a double cheeseburger but with smaller patties.  What that does for your wasteline, however, remains to be seen, since as of press time there was no nutrition information published on the Carl's Jr. website for this sandwich.


Updated review with picture of Ted's Hot Dogs.

five guys

We've added Five Guys to our collection of over 80 fast food restaurants across the country.  We've even included the menu.

Five Guys' focus on a simple menu has delicious results.  Burgers, cheeseburgers, and a stray hot dog or two are the only entrees.  the service is fast and friendly.  You can nibble on shelled peanuts while you wait for your order.

five guys kitchen

Burgers and cheeseburgers are all served as doubles by default.  If you don't want that much meat, order a "Little" for a single patty.  The meat is juicy and fresh and always cooked "well done".  Combined with the extensive selection of free toppings it reminded me of a burger I would make on a backyard bbq.  The bun is sturdy enough to survive through to the last bite - quite a feat for a burger with so many toppings.

five guys burger

A generous portion of fries placed in your bag with more dumped on top is enough for two or three hungry people.  They are moist and delicious, and I appreciate the ability to coat them in vinegar (I'm old school).

five guys fries

All in all, a tasty treat, but not something I'd want to eat every day, or even every week.  And when you split the fries with a couple of friends, the overall cost is reasonable.

Check it out here.

In this, our fifth stop on the fast food European McDonald's tour, we visit scenic and inviting Italy.  Like Spain, France, Greece, and Croatia before, Italy offered a pleasing mix of new treats and familiar favorites.

It's funny to see the mix of English and local language and how sometimes they just make stuff "fit".  For instance, here's the "CBO" again.  But only the "B" for bacon actually matches the word in Italian.  But the locals still love it, after all, "E tornato il mix perfetto!"

Checking the main menu:

At this point there's nothing new for you seasoned travelers who have been on this journey with me.  But wait, what about the "Il Mac" advertised above?  My wife bought one, and here is what it looks like:

She reports the sandwich as bland and quite dry.  The heavy duty bun was interesting but did not add to the flavor or the experience.  I thought it was too funky looking so I got my old standby:

mcdonald's italy

Ahh, even thousands of miles from home this tasted like I hoped.  MMM.  And look at the careful assembly!  And while I am happy, let's check the Happy Meals:

It's a party for the Italian kids on this festive menu board.  Hey look!  It's "McToast" once more.  And the veggie of choice is baby carrots, which are so exciting they are jumping out of their container.

On the "whaaa?" menu, I present:

Fried shrimp living in harmony along side a plate of "McNuggets".  Wow, very progressive.  And speaking of progressive, lots of European cities had the full McCafe coffee houses inside, but none served up tea in real cups and saucers:

I hope you enjoyed touring with me through the McDonald's of Europe!


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