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OK, we have had bacon cheeseburgers elsewhere - everyone has them.  But Jack's new BLT Cheeseburger tastes a bit different.  It actually tastes more like a BLT than a hamburger.


The sandwich is a basic cheeseburger, that's meat, cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato with a couple strips of crunchy bacon on top.  Not sure if it is the assembly order (everything is pretty much up top) or just the bacony-ness of the bacon, but coupled with the mayo and lettuce this sandwich speaks BLT to me.


So I guess that begs a question - why not just sell a BLT and cut out the burger middleman?  Well, any JITB fan worth their salty bacon would know that Jack is all about the burgers.  And they have proven time and again, they are willing to experiment.


Just look at that sandwich above!  Nice job, Jack.  Once again you tantalize my taste buds with an unpretentious but delicious burger.

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It's that time of year again.  As McDonald's promotional machine puts it:  "The delightfully creamy, mint-flavored shake made with McDonald’s reduced -fat vanilla ice cream, Shamrock Shake syrup and topped with real whipped cream and a cherry has been an annual limited-time menu favorite since its introduction in 1970."  Hmm.  Honestly, I have never had the desire to partake, but I have friends who obsess over this.  And this is the first year the Shamrock Shake gets placed under the McCafe umbrella.

Try it now through March 25.


taco bell dorito taco
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Back in Spring 2010, Taco Bell began promoting their corporate cousin Frito Lay by installing Doritos as a side item in select Taco Bell combos.  I'll admit that back then, I had mixed emotions about that maneuver, which I saw as just another effort to deliver the least expensive "meal" possible.

But on March 8, 2012, Taco Bell takes the synergy to a whole new level with a taco shell made out of a giant Dorito.  The "Doritos Locos Tacos" are standard Taco Supremes in "a shell made from Nacho Cheese Doritos® Chips".  Unbelievable?  Evidently enough people think so that Taco Bell itself had to add the phrase "Yes this is for real" to its own website.

Funny, but I don't think I object to this idea as much as serving Doritos on the side.  Gimmicky, sure, but it doesn't feel cheap.  And I might just have to give this taco a test drive when it debuts.

The GOOGLE search box on the left side of the home page now searches exclusively.  This should make finding your favorite restaurant information easier.  Note, there will still be sponsored ads at the top of the results - I can't help that!

Just a short post today.  I found this interesting:  Tyson, the poultry giant, is now featured on Del Taco window clings.  I just saw this one advertising the Chicken Soft Taco, "Made with Tyson quality chicken."  I don't know about you, but to me this isn't a selling point and is a bit more of a distraction than anything else.

EDIT October 2012: By popular demand, menus are coming back!

When launched way back in 2000, the Internet was still young.  One of my personal desires was to have a single site where I could see the menus for all the restaurants I went to locally.  But the web has changed quite a bit in the last dozen years.  Now, pretty much every restaurant has menu information online.  While they normally do not include prices (which we do) they often include convenient links to nutritional information that I have never had a desire to maintain.

So, rather than continue to update the menus (a manual process which requires me going to each chain on a regular basis), FastFoodSource will instead link to each chain's own online menu info.  What I may do is open up the comment area for each chain and allow you, the loyal reader, the ability to add prices in your area.

What will FastFoodSource become?  Pretty much what it already is, a blog where people who are fast food fans can gather and discuss the latest trends and tasty new offerings.  As we continue into our second decade, we hope you will continue to enjoy, and find useful, FastFoodSource.

Happy eating!

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