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Here are some screen grabs from the Burger King menu while on a recent trip to London.

del taco queso blanco

Del Taco recently rolled out a new cheese sauce for their tortilla chips. While this fast food restaurant has always had nacho cheese, the new Queso Blanco cheese is, according to Del Taco, "a creamy blend of cheese and peppers." The cheese can be had a la carte (with chips as shown above) or with a number of menu items Queso-style, including:

what was it

This month's What Was It? Wednesday picture was a famous fast food chain but through the miracle of cell division it is now two brands and the building has been split into two. If you need a hint, pay attention to the middle roof section which is unaltered from its previous life:

what was it close up

teds hot dog cup

Ted's Hot Dogs, a Buffalo NY and Tempe AZ staple, has always had a "no free refills" policy. That's somewhat out of step with the times, and Ted's recently installed self-service fountains. But how to keep people from taking too much and messing up their sweet beverage conservation policy? Answer: TINY CUPS. This little beverage cup is about half the size of the standard 16oz fast food cup. Free refills, but it keeps you from taking a lot of soda out of the store.

I like it!

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the habit double charburger

Revisiting The Habit, a fast food burger chain that started in Santa Barbara CA and has a smattering of locations in the U.S., I ordered the Double Charburger. This is a big sandwich. With the grilled onions features so prominently on this burger I cannot help but compare it with the In-n-Out DoubleDouble. But don't be fooled: The Habit double is much meatier than its rival.

portillos bbq chicken salad

If you're in a part of the country where you have a Portillo's handy you may think of them as the place to get a good beef sandwich or a Chicago-style hot dog. But they've got an extensive menu and have been ramping up their offerings in the fresh salad department. Let's take a look at a couple of the offerings: the Chipotle BBQ and the Fresh Berry & Toasted Almond salads, both with chicken.

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