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Being a Southern California native, I grew up loving Tommy's World Famous chili burgers.   In fact, it is probably my favorite hamburger on the planet.  So imagine the enthusiasm I had for a stop at Tommy's in Henderson, Nevada, during a recent Vegas trip.

Tommy's in Henderson is one of only a couple locations outside of California (the other also in the Vegas area.)  The restaurant was clean and, being 11am on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, nearly deserted.  All the better for my chili fix.

While I dove into a double cheeseburger and some chili cheese fries, my wife (not a chili lover - shame!) decided to try an advertised side burger special, the California Classic.  This is basically the Tommy's burger sans chili, plus spread.  Here's a pic:

She said it was tasty, although I can't imagine how without the chili.  Of course I can.  Those big ass beefsteak tomatoes and all the other fresh toppings still make a great sandwich.

As for me, I am still holding out hope that the Nevada extension is just a first step toward branching out to my local home town, Phoenix.  I know there are hundreds, if not thousands of other California transplants who are hoping for the same.

Nothing compares to the passion of the California transplant who openly weeps for the new In-N-Out in Texas.


Here's a new game I thought might be fun for fast food fans like me, which I know you are.  Guess what the empty restaurant below used to be:


To find out what it is, read the full article by clicking the Read More link below and scrolling down below the picture.


When I read through the comments on this website, I am surprised by the number of people who assume that the restaurant or menu page is somehow managed by the actual restaurant chain.  Fast Food Source is an independent website dedicated to fast food fans.  We are not affiliated with any particular chain.  That is what allows us to praise or be openly critical on a given subject.

If you are looking for a way to make your comments heard by a particular restaurant, be sure to click the Contact or Website links on the top-right corner of every restaurant page.  That will launch a separate page for the actual restaurant you want to reach.

Thanks, and keep up the good comments.

I knew about this small chain as being mostly concentrated in the midwest.  Imagine my surprise then when I happened to drive by one right here in Arizona!  While Culver's is known for their Frozen Custard and ButterBurgers, I skipped dessert and just gave the Original ButterBurger with Cheese a try.

The burger was flavorful, with a flame-grilled patty that tasted like something you'd grill yourself during the Fourth of July.  Fresh toppings, a decent bun.  I liked it.

I decided to bypass the fries, even though they were crinkle, and give the onion rings a try.  These were crisp and delicious.  They are thin "beer batter" style and there were plenty in the bag to share.

Mrs. Fast Food Source tried the tuna sandwich.  I am not a fish lover, but she said it was good.  She liked the Texas Toast style bread and shredded lettuce.

Warning: Culver's menu is not that complicated, but the ways in which you can place an order are.  You can order individual sandwiches, make your own value basket, or order a smaller SnackPak meal.  This makes for more menu-staring for the uninitiated.  Come prepared by viewing the menu here first.

Continuing the saga of exploring McDonald's restaurants outside the U.S. begun last spring in Spain, I checked out the local McDonald's during a recent trip to Edinburgh in Scottland.

First off, I had the trusty Big Mac.  Just as good as in the states.  No obvious differences.  Sorry for the angles on some of these pics, I tried to make them legible.

There's that Big Tasty we first encountered in France.  Below we see the Scotts really love them some chicken:

And here are some other interesting items:

Here's a link to the other European McDonald's reviews.



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