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The All American Jack is a sort of Ultimate Cheeseburger on steroids.  Packed with double patties, three slices of cheese, plus all the toppings of a Jumbo Jack, this is one hefty sandwich.

If you are a lover of Jack-In-The-Box's main line burgers, you will enjoy the All American Jack.


Fast Food Source is pleased to announce the results of our year-end survey.  Below are the complete results.  Top vote-getters are shown by percentage of total respondents who answered that particular question.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

Copyright notice:  This survey and its results remain the property of Fast Food Source.  The results below may be quoted or referenced in reports, articles or publications, provided you attribute credit to as the source of this information.

Who makes your favorite burger?

McDonald's 18%
Burger King 16%
In-N-Out 11%
Carl's Jr. 9%

What's your favorite burger?

Big Mac 13%
Whopper 8%
Whopper Jr. 8%

Who has the best french fries?

McDonald's 21%
Rallys/Checkers 9%
Wendy's 8%
Burger King 7%
Del Taco 7%
Steak N Shake 6%

What's the best place for fast food other than burgers?

Taco Bell 20%
Chick-fil-a 10%
KFC 10%

Best chain for order accuracy

Arby's 10%
Carl's Jr. 10%

Worst chain for order accuracy

Burger King 23%
McDonald's 19%
El Pollo Loco 11%
Taco Bell 11%

Best chain for drive-thru speed

McDonald's 38%
Taco Bell 10%

Worst drive-thru speed

El Pollo Loco 11%

Friendliest chains

Subway 9%
Taco Bell 9%
In-n-Out 8%
Carl's Jr. 7%

Least friendly chains

McDonald's 20%
Burger King 12%

Best value

McDonald's 20%
Taco Bell 15%

Best quality

McDonald's 11%
Chipotle 9%
Chick-fil-a 9%

Best chain for kids

McDonald's 61%
Dairy Queen 7%

NOTE: This was the largest margin in the entire survey.

How do you make your fast food order a little healthier?

Don't order large size 18%
I don't 16%
Chicken instead of beef 13%
No mayo/spread 12%
No cheese 11%
Skip the side item 9%
Low or no-calorie drink 9%
No bread (protein style) 4%
Substitute veggies for fries 4%
Eat half now, half later 3%
Salad instead of burger 3%

Other tricks to ordering more "healthy" fast food

Ask for knife and fork and ditch the bun after eating contents.
Double garden: double lettuce, tomato, pickles on sandwich; replacing mayo with juicy vegetables.
If you order fries, get them with no salt.
less fried
Moderations is the #1 tip
places that use fresh items
Whole wheat or multigrain bun

How often do you feed your family fast food rather than cooking at home?

about once a week 40%
1-2 times per month 29%
more than once a week 18%
Never 13%

How often do you eat fast food?

more than once a week 52%
about once a week 28%
1-2 times per month 20%

Where do you live?

U.S. Southwest 35%
U.S. Midwest 24%
U.S. Southeast 13%
U.S. Northeast 11%
U.S. Northwest 11%
U.S. South 4%

How old are you?

36-45 30%
26-35 20%
18-25 15%
Under 18 15%
Over 55 11%
46-55 9%

Are you male or female?

Male 55%
Female 45%


Zaxby's is a regional fast food chicken chain with over 500 stores in 11 states.  Founded in Georgia in 1990, Zaxby's focuses on fresh chicken items (grilled and fried).


I enjoyed my visit to Zaxby's.  The staff was friendly and the food was served hot.  The menu entirely made up of chicken items, with a focus on chicken breast sandwiches, wings and strips.  I opted for the Cajun Club, a hearty meal with a large white meat breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a sturdy bun.  The "basket" I ordered came with crinkle fries, a welcome sight.  The soda fountain even had crushed ice, my favorite kind.


Next time you find yourself in the south and are hankerin' for a quick chicken snack, bypass that other southern chicken juggernaut and try this down home fast food treat.

Check out the menu

mcdonalds easy pickinsmcdonalds easy pickins back

Here's a scratcher I found in a box in my garage.  It's McDonald's Easy Pickin's Quiz, where you match a question against multiple choice answers.  If you guess correctly, then you scratch off one of six boxes to reveal a prize.  Here you can see I won a regular order of fries.   It is a crime that these fries have gone uneaten for 30 years (the contest was in 1980).  I also neglected to take advantage of the Wherehouse music coupon good for $2 off either a Smokey & The Bandit 2 or Xanadu soundtrack.

It's hard to read the fine print here, but the game was somewhat lame now that I read it: "Breakfast prizes will be awarded only during breakfast hours with the concurrent purchase of a breakfast entree" and "all other McDonald's food prizes will be awarded during dinner hours with the concurrent purchase of a large sandwich."  No wonder I didn't redeem - I couldn't drive in 1980 and my mom probably wasn't going to take me to McDonald's just for some free fries at dinner.  By the way, one of the large sandwiches that qualifies is the "Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich."  What happened to that?!

Still, I miss contests like this.  I am always happy when the Monopoly game rolls around.  There is something satisfying about the potential for instant wins, akin to the thrill of lottery tickets.  McDonald's - BRING BACK GAMES LIKE THESE.

cheeburger cheeburger

Cheeburger Cheeburger is a small chain with a handful of restaurants in about 20 states.  They're best known for their "invent your own taste" menu with over 30 free toppings that you can mix and match.  Check it out.

mcdonalds oatmeal

McDonald's introduced new Fruit & Maple oatmeal to its breakfast lineup.  I rarely eat breakfast and even more rarely eat oatmeal, so somebody will have to let me know how it is.

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