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mcdonalds corfu menu

Beginning Monday, and over the next five weeks, Fast Food Source will run a five-part story about the McDonald's food I encountered during a recent trip to Europe.

Following my itinerary, we will stop in Spain, France, Greece, Croatia and Italy, comparing menu items (like those pictured above) in each country.  What's on the 1 euro menu in Barcelona?  What's "CBO" stand for?  What's inside the "Il Mac"?  These and many more questions will be answered!  Come back Monday!

chipotle logo

New menu added to Fast Food Source.  The much requested Chipotle menu is now here.  I got tired of wading through the Flash-intensive Chipotle website while enjoying a Burrito Bowl the other day thought, hey - let's just write this stuff down.


jack in the box fries poster

Jack In The Box's new fries are a step backwards - which in any other context would be an insult.  However, in this case, it's a compliment.  Gone are the heavy coating and potato-skin-left-on texture.  What we are left with is a nicely seasoned, crisp and skinny fry that tastes great straight or when dipped in ketchup (or your favorite dipping sauce.)


jack in the box fries beauty shot

I appreciate the effort Jack seems to be making to acknowledge its past.  Even the new design of the placemat includes a cool retro pattern and a nifty logo timeline (hard to see on the left side of the pic above.)  Anyway, back to the fry.  This version is much closer to the original (although still not as good) and does away with that thick coating that was meant to either improve crispiness, flavor, or both.  I still haven't figured that out, as I lamented in my Death of The Plain Old French Fry article last year.  In any case, thank you Jack In The Box, for the effort.

long john silvers logo

Although not a fish eater, I'm proud to add Long John Silver's menu to the Fast Food Source restaurant menu family.  It helped that I have a dual concept Taco Bell/LJS near my house!

taco bell logo

We've updated the menu for Taco Bell and it's interesting what has and what hasn't changed since the last update 14 months ago (January 2009.)  First, most of the base menu item prices saw no movement.  However, many of the value menu items that were introduced a couple of years ago have been steadily increasing in price.  My beloved Beef Combo Burrito, for example, was $1.69 and is now $1.99.  The 1/2lb Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito was $0.99 last year and has jumped a staggering 100% to $1.99, all without any meat.  Wow.

Also telling is the fact that the new arrivals on the value menu are very cheap to make.  The Crispy Potato Soft Taco (Crispy/Soft - huh?) and the Cheese Roll-up offer super-plain, meatless menu items at 79 cents apiece.

Finally, Taco Bell is one of those places where every restaurant seems to have a completely different lineup of menu items.  So, while I am sure they still exist, I do not have updated prices for things like the basic Nachos or the Burrito Supreme because they were not listed on the menu board at my local store.

panda express logo

Updated menu for Panda Express.

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