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carls jr mobile app screen

I've got a handful of fast food apps on my phone. Some are not very useful and only drive me to quickly uninstall. The Carl's Jr. mobile app is a winner though. Super-simple to use and built for what you really want out of a fast food mobile app: locations and discounts. Let's take them both in turn...

wendys spicy chicken caesar salad

It's pretty hard to mess up a Caesar salad. Given enough dressing, all you really need is some sturdy lettuce and decent-tasting parmesan cheese. Wendy's plusses up this recipe with the addition of a spicy chicken breast. It's pretty obvious that this is the same crispy chicken that goes into their sandwiches - my chopped pieces still retain the original shape and it looks like it could be transported to a bun at a moment's notice.

wendys strawberry mango salad

Wendy's has a decent lineup of fast food salad options, and while we lament the discontinuation of the superb BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad, there are still some tasty offerings in the salad department.

mcdonalds sweet bbq bacon chicken

Dry and very crunchy, the McDonald's Sweet BBQ Bacon with Buttermilk Crispy Chicken sandwich was a bit of a let-down. And being smaller than expected, the only thing big about this fast food menu item is its name.

rubios chicken taco

Readers of Fast Food Source know I'm not a fan of seafood, so a recent trip to Rubio's Coastal Grill led me to revisit their Classic Chicken Taco. Packed with guacamole, cheese, salsa fresca, and "drizzled" in chipotle sauce, this taco was stuffed as you can see below.


This month's What Was It? Wednesday post was taken from across the street as I was stopped at a light. This fast food chain's "boxy" restaurants were commonplace in the 1980's, some with a slanted roof as trim but others without. What was it? 

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