We've not been posting for a while. When Fast Food Source launched back in 2000, there weren't "fan" sites that focused on fast food. Even the chains themselves offered scant information on their own products, menus or even locations. In the past few years there's been explosive growth in both the number and types of ways consumers can get their info. Google Maps made location search unnecessary on this site. Google and social media posts of menus means nobody needed to come here for that anymore. Reddit covers the minutiae of food reviews and commentary.

It's been a great ride and this, our 20th anniversary, is a good place to end. We were a blog before there were blogs, and that's pretty cool.

We'll keep the archives up for reference for a while, but no new posts are likely here. For domain inquiries, reach us at sunset(at)fastfoodsource(youknowtherest).

Remember, happiness will always come in a paper wrapper.

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