It has been a LONG time since I went to Whataburger. So I made the trek across town (my nearest one is out of business) and gave them a try.

whataburger sandwich

The sandwich is your basic burger. Not bad, but not spectacular. As you can see from the updated menu, they offer the ability to do some customization, but the toppings are not special. I opted for the standard Whataburger single patty with cheese and it tasted like what you might have at a backyard bbq with friends. That is to say, good and homemade tasting, not processed. But there is something missing and I think it is a signature sauce.

whataburger guts

My opinion is they could stand to jazz up their selection with a few sauces. Thousand Island, BBQ, maybe some more zesty and exotic sauces I probably wouldn't try. Their Whataburger Jr., which I also ordered, came nicely equipped with all the toppings of its papa. But again, it is nothing to write home about. With other chains like Carl's Jr. and Jack In The Box seemingly coming up with a new burger every week (not quite) it seems odd to me that Whataburger has not innovated since I last tried them. Which now that I think about it must've been six or seven years ago. Unless you think you are In-N-Out or some other chain with a distinctive product, that is a lifetime.

Bottom line, for a small fish in a very big pond, Whataburger seems content to offer a basic lineup. Good luck with that.

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